Location: Monda,Spain

Area: 170 m2

Project date: 2009

Completion date: /

Type: Art gallery/studio


Interior design of an art gallery/studio

The venue is an old radio station in Monda, Spain.The space is divided into a studio/gallery and private area(small apartment)

It has huge industrial windows and a light “cube”in the central part of the house.

The interior is open and airy and it is on two levels.

The whole lower level is the studio with huge storage that is keeping most of the painters messiness away from sight.

The choice for the floor is terazzo, the most important surface in here, and it is also practical and camuflages the paint drops.

The main feature in the room is  - the Muse, a metal sculpture is hiding the load bearing column.On the left side of the light “cube ” is a small apartment and on the right - gallery area.

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