Location: Milan
Area: 42 m2
Project date: 2014
Completion date: /
Type: Commercial

Fashion shop interior design - a competition for Italian fashion brand Maliparmi.
The brief was to design the existing floorplan in a way that can be adoptable to other spaces (stores).And of course to stay truthful to the Maliparmi style.

KPdizajn proposed grey and gold for a pallet and felt as a main material that is very adoptable and you can build/cover stuff with it, glue it on surfaces etc.
For this space we created open closets made of felt (metal construction underneath). Also the seaters are made of felt. The floor is parquet in dark grey.
Gold is on the geometric patterned "textile” wallpaper and on the inside of the huge lamps.
For a commercial space it is very important to have a wow factor. In this case, those huge, oversized lamps are doing the job.
Overall the space looks "tailored" for the brand. It is cosy, inviting and cool and clothes would look great inside.

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